How to become a conscious consumer


Author: Natalia from Marmag Creation

The world we live in is constantly having more and more problems every day, what can you do to stop them? Becoming a conscious consumer is a start point.

Ethical fashion is something I started to become more aware of in this year. Ethical fashion is a concept used for brands that have fair trade practices. You might have many questions about what being a conscious consumer means, and why it is so hard nowadays. But being a conscious consumer means questioning every single item we decide to shop for in our lives. How was this made? What materials does this product have? How was it sourced? Was it produced under fair trade conditions? Or was it produced in a third world country with a $3USD per day salary?

Question the brands you buy from

When we start to question the brands that we consume from, is when we start developing a more thoughtful approach whenever we have the urge to shop for something. For girls like me that love fashion, sometimes it’s hard to actually stop buying from your favorite brands. Maybe you love Zara, H&M and other fast fashion brands because you love their style…and there’s nothing wrong with that. What is wrong from consuming from fast fashion brands is that they harm the world. They pollute, they don’t pay fair wages to their workers, and they don’t care about the people that live in the communities where all their waste is disposed.

Look for organic and natural materials

Materials like plastic is present in most of the fashion industry, and a single garment can take over 40 years to decompose. So why is this affecting us so much? Plastic is present in a huge amount in the oceans, in landfills, on the streets, and practically polluting everywhere, so I believe that it is important for us to try and stop the damage before it’s too late.

If you look for organic and natural materials you will build a more sustainable lifestyle because after using your items, they won’t pollute as much as plastic and will decompose back into the earth in a shorter lifespan.

Don’t make your budget a problem

Sometimes consuming organic materials is much more expensive due to the production process and fair trade practices, so if this is not in your budget don’t limit yourself to be a conscious consumer. Read more about how to start an ethical wardrobe on a budget here.

Buy secondhand

You can start buying secondhand from ethical brands, or simply shop the secondhand fast fashion brand that someone threw away or donated to a thrift shop. There is no shame in using secondhand clothes, because you are creating a new cycle of life for something someone already considered waste. There are many sites online like or where you can thrift like a star.

Feel better with less things

If you follow these tips and incorporate them into your life you are already becoming a better and conscious human being. Thinking about others or the planet before yourself is something not everyone is prepared to do, so if you are reading this article it means you are on the right track to help the world. Follow people who inspire you to be a better version of yourself, get rid of stereotypes about consumerism and materialism, and learn to embrace the happiness in your life, but not of having things. If you learn to let go of material things your urge to have more will eventually drop.

I hope you enjoyed this article and check out my blog Marmag Creation where I love to write more about tips on how to start an ethical lifestyle.


Natalia is the founder of Marmag Creation an ethical fashion community where she shares tips on starting a capsule wardrobe, minimalist lifestyle, and travel with a conscious mindset. She loves to support ethical brands. You can follow her on instagram @marmagcreation and join her journey to a simple and happy life.

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