Why is vegan fashion easy?

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Author: Marine from Attitude Organic

You might feel like this title is purely chosen to catch your attention but it is not. I sincerely believe that vegan fashion is easy and at least for me the easiest aspect of veganism. It might be because I am French, love cheese too much and have a hard time quitting… In comparison to this, stopping leather is a pretty simple step towards a more sustainable and respectful lifestyle. Let me explain what is vegan fashion and I will prove you that it can be easy.

What is vegan fashion?

Vegan fashion gets more and more attention for a good reason. You might wonder what impacts the fashion industry could have on animal lives. Let me tell you: many!

Until I researched a bit further about vegan fashion and looked at specific data, I had no idea about how bad it was. Some aspects were obvious: animals are killed for leather. However, other aspects were unimaginable. Did you know that tens of millions of larva are boiled alive for silk per year in the US? I did not suspect that you have to be so cruel to produce silk.

Besides, according to PETA: “Every year, millions of animals are killed for the clothing industry—all in the name of fashion.”

Vegan fashion is all about fighting that cruelty. If you adopt a vegan fashion style, you stop wearing all materials that is made from animals. It means: no leather, no silk, no fur, no wool, no down. Does it sound so hard to avoid those? Not to me!

Why it is easy?

The first argument that comes to my mind when I read that list of forbidden fabrics is: “Great, I cannot afford most of it anyway!”. Money is always a good reason. Obviously you do not adopt vegan fashion in order to save up but it is one of the many advantages you will get out of it.

Then, there are numerous great alternatives to animal products. You can replace all the above fabrics by their vegan counterparts. Here is a list of my favourites.

Soy silk, also called vegetable cashmere is made from soy residue that would go to waste if they were not reused. Cruelty-free and sustainable, I love it!

You can also replace traditional leather by pineapple leather. This sustainable fabric is made by extracting the fibers from pineapple leaves. 100% biodegradable, it is also eco-friendly.

Finally, to keep you warm during winter without wool, you could try Seacell. I have not tried it yet, but I find it fascinating. It is made from brown algae that is introduced to cellulose fibre.

 Here is the proof: finding vegan fabric alternatives is very easy. It will push you to get out of your comfort zone and to do some research. I know for sure that learning one new thing a day is key to happiness. You may refer to one of my blog post about vegan and sustainable fabrics to learn more. 

The case of second-hand leather

There is one last point I would like to raise here because I commit to be 100% honest with my readers. I am never tempted to buy brand new leather but when I go in second-hand stores, I often fall for leather pieces. It is an argument sometimes raised within the vegan community and I had the occasion to discuss it with some of my vegan fellows on socials.

I remember being torn and feeling guilty when I found that leather bag in that vintage store, but I started weighing the pros and cons.

The cons: an animal has been killed to produce that bag.

The pros: if I buy it second hand, I am not supporting animal murder. That terrible act has already been committed and I am not directly supporting massacre. Besides, by reusing a piece and not buying a new one, my impact on the environment is neutral. Therefor, I decided that second-hand leather could still be acceptable if you absolutely love the piece.

I know this last argument is disputable and I would love to hear your counter arguments if you disagree. Thus, please leave a comment here or on my blog. If you found that article interesting, please subscribe to my newsletter. You will also receive a discount code to use on my ethical marketplace.


Marine created Attitude Organic and started blogging in 2017 about ethical fashion, natural skincare and health. The aim of her blog is to spread the word about a sustainable and healthy lifestyle and to make it as easy and accessible as possible. She aims to help people reach their new goals smoothly, by providing knowledge on the blog but also accessories on the ethical marketplace. Her instagram handle is @attitude.organic .

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