How a minimalist lifestyle has changed my life

Author: JHÁNNEU from The Low Waste Home

Before starting a low waste lifestyle, I became fascinated by the idea of minimalism. I steadily began to ask myself, “do I need so many things?” The answer was, of course, was no. I wanted to learn how to live with less and became more intentional about what I was consuming. From the clothes, I would buy, to the food I was consuming. 


Here are 3 ways switching to a minimalist lifestyle has changed my life: 

1- I have become more organized 

Since reading Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I was inspired to be more organized. Her philosophy of only having things in your home that spark joy began to resonate in more areas of my life than just my closet. I became obsessed with purging items that I didn’t need and folding my clothes Marie Kondo’s special 3-fold way became fun. Overall, I realized that having my home organized caused me to be more focused and productive.

2- Save money 

 Because I’ve developed the desire to have fewer things, I don’t buy as much. So when I do purchase items like clothes, I try to buy second hand. Shopping second hand has saved me so much money! One of my favorite purchases is a pair of $200 jeans that got for $16. Talk about saving money!  

3. Has helped save the environment 

Because of minimalism, I now live a low waste lifestyle. For me, minimalism is being intentional about what you consume. Also, if this is the case, then I should also be intentional about what I put out into the world, such as the trash I produce. With the average American producing more than 4 pounds of trash per day, I knew I had to make a change. 

I now enjoy sharing my tips and tricks on low waste living on my blog, The Low Waste Home, where my goal is to simplify sustainability. 

Adopting minimalism in my life has truly changed me for the better. 


Jhánneu is a sustainability blogger, influencer, and Founder of The Low Waste Home LLC — a blog and organizing services that help people create a more sustainable home. With a degree in Theater from Claremont McKenna College, she is no stranger to sharing her tips and tricks on sustainable living. Wither her combined social following of over 26k; she also shares tips on how to young women can build their own personal brand. 



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