Our Vision

Vote With Your Wallet


Fashion is a three trillion dollar global industry with high hidden costs for our world. Considered one of the most polluting industries on the planet, it is a major contributor to the destruction of our environment and the mistreatment of animals - as well as people. 

Employing an estimated one-sixth of the world’s population this “glamorous” industry has a dark side which includes forced labor, excessive hours, unsafe working conditions, harassment, and poverty wages, which disproportionately impact women and vulnerable populations.

We all connected to fashion, which means we all have the power to fix it

This unique project uses fashion as a platform for inspiration and solutions through fair trade as well as a space to celebrate the power of everyday purchases to create the world we want.


Started in 2015, the Fair Trade Fashion Show brings together industry leaders, artisan fashion, and the local Los Angeles community to provide solutions to global issues. 

The Fair Trade Fashion Show is committed on ending exploitation in fashion.  

While our main focus is on the human component of fashion, we cannot ignore the other forms of exploitation pervasive in the fashion industry. The high ethical costs of fashion affects not only on the people it touches but also the animals and environments it uses as well. That is why our event is not only fair trade, but also entirely vegan and sustainable

Everything from our food to models to our runway collection is chosen with these values in mind, so you can enjoy an evening that isn't just beautiful on the surface, but is truly leading the way towards a more just world. 

Fashion should be inclusive of all kinds of bodies and beauty, and exclude - to the best of our abilities – the exploitation of all people, animals, and natural resources
— Sica Schmitz, Creator of the Fair Trade Fashion Show