The Event

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The invite-only Impact Fashion Show (formerly Fair Trade Fashion Show) is one of the leading sustainable fashion events in Los Angeles. Started in 2015 by stylist and activist Sica Schmitz, we’re now entering our fifth year with a new name and an even bigger goal.

In the past we have focused on themes from supporting women in the Congo to raising money to fight human trafficking, and while our emphasis is on the human connections in fashion we cannot ignore the other forms of exploitation pervasive across the industry. Fashion impacts not only the people it touches but also the animals and environments it uses as well, which is why our event is not only fair trade but also entirely vegan and responsibly produced as well. Everything from our food to models to our runway collection is chosen with these values in mind so you can enjoy an experience that isn't just beautiful on the surface, but is truly leading the way towards a more fair world.

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Calling all impact-driven brands to join us in creating an inspiring day of fair fashion, plant based food, and mindful experiences.

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This is more than just a fashion show. See what we've accomplished so far, and what we're planning for the future. 

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